With an immense responsibility taken on by Rizq, to completely eradicate hunger from Pakistan, this year has been tremendously successful! Pakistan has recently experienced a frenzy of Food Festivals, which has increased Rizq’s importance all the more!  

From all the Coke Food Festivals that have happened this year, to Sevenup Foodies, Islamabad Eat and Haryali Market, Rizq has been present at each one of these with one goal in mind; to collect all the excess food that would usually be wasted, and distribute it amongst those in need of it.

Let’s begin with CokeFest. With a footfall of over 50,000 people Rizq utilized this avenue to spread awareness of the problem that exists and the solution that is provided. From celebrities such as Farhan Saeed, Ali Azmat, Jimmy Khan and Ahmed Ali Akbar, to supportive families and our excited volunteers, everyone pledged to join the Rizq movement of ending hunger and food wastage.

This successful event was followed by Sevenup Foodies and Islamabad Eat. Rizq again was graciously invited by the hosts of these events as a symbol of support for the movement. With on stage shout outs, to restaurants such as Jumbo Jyro, Timmys and Mama’s Kitchen donating their excess food, Rizq was able to serve a total of 4,146 meals to deserving people.

Our enthusiastic volunteers played an integral part in furthering the movement. Through their hard work and effort, Rizq was able to inaugurate its fundraising campaign for a Hunger Free Pakistan. This campaign focuses on a minor donation of Rs. 100, which will allow a person to share a meal with someone in need.

Food Festivals are fun, captivating and interactive occasions where Rizq can be seen in full swing especially at the end of the day when the food collection begins. Restaurants were glad to see that the process is conducted in a hygienic way and distributed immediately after the collection so that no amount of food is wasted.

Be it a food festival or a wedding, where ever there is food, Rizq promises to be there, to serve humanity and enrich the lives of the hungry!