Rizq – the only people powered movement united to end hunger in Pakistan – is proud to announce that the cofounders of Rizq were invited to a globally prestigious Conference, The Food Banking Leadership Institute 2019 (FBLI) from 25th to 29th March in London, England. Organized by The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN), with more than 150 food bankers attending the conference from 53 countries, Rizq became the first ever representation at the forum from Pakistan.

FBLI attracts not only food bankers, but also corporate partners from across the globe, to discuss the unique challenges facing the sector as they work to meet the needs of food insecure populations, while reducing food waste globally. To date, nearly 500 individuals from 63 countries have benefited from the training, idea sharing, and peer networking provided at FBLI.

Rizq on its own has served more than 2 Million meals in a total of 45 cities within Pakistan since its inception only four years ago. However, Rizq believes in eternal growth and development. For this reason, we are proud to have learnt from globally exceptional models that international food banks are built upon, which aim to reduce food wastage in separate countries while maintaining an internationally unified network based on assisting one another. Rizq is looking forward to embarking upon a new and improved journey from the training and expertise learnt at FBLI.

GFN has launched, certified and strengthened food banks around the world to reduce hunger and food waste. They work with businesses, governments and NGOs to find socially responsible and economically effective ways to utilize resources – food, funds, technical expertise and volunteers.

Rizq hopes to build a permanent association with GFN in the future by implementing an operational model that would cater to the culturally diverse needs of Pakistan, and also bond Rizq globally to the cause of eradicating hunger in the world. FBLI was an important learning experience, which Rizq hopes to use to the benefit of minimizing food wastage and eliminating starvation; one meal at a time.