A very important part of fulfilling the undertaken responsibility is the partnerships that we at Rizq secure. This is because these organizations and corporations can be the avenues or the receiving ends of our donations and consequently be the helping hand for the beneficiaries that are verified by Rizq.

For this reason, JA Trust, Bali Memorial Trust, Dar ul Musarat and Naveed Foundation are all helping the cause of Rizq to grow.

These are organizations that works towards empowerment of the underprivileged by providing them the opportunity of getting quality-based education that can help them achieve the same rights that any other individual experiences as well. With the objective of transforming what is seen as a luxury into the human right that it actually is, these organizations move forward with their agendas.

Rizq has taken them on board as food beneficiaries to whom excess food will be donated to, on a regular basis, keeping its own objective in mind; to reduce the concerns these people have by providing them with meals that ensure their survival.

Healthy, quality driven and standardized meals have been provided to these organizations for their students which include fish, fries and a drink. These meals are not only designed to cater to their health requirements but also keeping in mind the wishful cravings of a child, because at the end of the day everyone feels like having a bit of comfort food sometimes!

We wish that the next month is even more successful in deriving partnerships that can help us create a Hunger Free Pakistan!