Every year right around Ramadan there is an abundance of generosity experienced by people from all walks of life, the young, the old, the rich and even the not so rich, because Ramadan is the month of giving, where selflessness reaches its peak and its seen in how the entire country gives back to humanity whatever way they can. What we tend to forget though is how there is another time of the year as well that is about love, selflessness, generosity and most importantly sacrifice.

Eid Ul Azha is the time of the year that hols a very important place in the religion of Islam. When the Prophet Ibrahim was commanded by God to sacrifice his son in God’s way, the prophet with a heavy heart did so as commanded to, all for the acceptance of God and more importantly for the love he had for God. And the purity of his love and dedication to go through with the sacrifice of his son was rewarded by God when Allah replaced his son miraculously with a Goat. Since then, Muslims from every time period have been commanded to sacrifice an animal in the name of God, to show their commitment and love.

Although many of us do sacrifice every year under the ambit of Islam, we tend to forget what it signifies, and what purpose it serves. But the less fortunate of us haven’t.  Not because they didn’t want to, but because they couldn’t.

One of the Rizq Beneficiary last year said, “By God every year I try so hard to sacrifice in name of Allah, but my circumstances don’t allow me to. I struggle not daily, but hourly. After every meal I have to fight for the next, so how can I sacrifice, when every day is a sacrifice” (For Beneficiary privacy, the name is left undisclosed)

These people are a constant reminder for every Muslim, of the sacrifice made by Prophet Ibrahim thousands of years ago. These people really do sacrifice by submitting to their circumstances. And so we need to realize when we sacrifice on Eid, that we could have been sacrificing much more than just an animal.

Rizq has always wanted to help spread love and compassion, especially for those who experience the lack thereof. So every Eid, we collect Meat from different avenues and distribute it amongst 600 Rizq Verified families who deserve to celebrate eid just as the privileged do, who deserve to let go of their fears for a few days, and whose sacrifices are the biggest.

Following are the ways in which you can share your Meat with Rizq and Rizq would then distribute it amongst families which are truly deserving of your contribution.


You can drop off meat to the Rizq Food Banks situated in Lahore and Islamabad from where it will be distributed to families who are verified as food insecure.


You can also donate an amount through our web portal that constitutes as your Hissa in the sacrifice; this sacrifice will be conducted on your behalf by Rizq and distributed to food insecure families. Once completed, a report will be sent to you via email of who you helped to ensure transparency, and if you would like you can be present during the Qurbani takes place.


You can also call us if you have excess meat available that you would like to distribute amongst the needy. We will come pick it up from your doorstep and distribute it to families in need.

What are you waiting for? Share your Qurbani with Rizq and stand by the true essence of Eid ul Azha; PURE SELFLESSNESS