Rizq is a social enterprise that has transformed into an initiative that encourages Pakistan’s ability to achieve various Sustainable Development Goals such as No Poverty, Zero Hunger, and Responsible Consumption. With significant impact achieved by Rizq, the issue has been taken up by the Government of Pakistan to encourage Rizq’s ability to help further objectives that ensure public welfare in the long run.

Punjab Food Authority and Rizq have held various meetings to devise a regulatory law that can provide fair and equitable practices for the two stakeholders involved. These stakeholders include registered restaurants where excess food is generated at mass and food rescuing initiatives such as Rizq towards whom excess food produced can be channelized to. These food rescuers in turn, steer it towards the underprivileged and hungry to obtain set SDG’s as an ultimate objective. The bases of the regulation as of yet are to regulate the reuse of excess and surplus food for human consumption and to encourage zero-waste principles in food businesses.

Some of the ideas which could help achieve the SGD’s were as follows: 

  • Implementing a scheme that provides incentives to multiple stakeholders that encourages observance of the food waste reduction hierarchy
  • Encouraging individuals, businesses and public bodies to reduce the amount of food they waste
  • Ensuring large supermarkets, manufacturers and distributors to reduce their food waste and to enter into formal agreements with food redistribution organizations (Food Rescuers) by disclosing levels of food waste in their supply chain in a way that can consequently assist in a reduction plan for these corporations.

Another topic of discussion was the placement of a Samaritan Law which is implemented in the US as well, under which the act if performed under good faith removes liability incurred in case of the project being unsuccessful. This can really be effective in convincing restaurants and food producers in donating their excess food as it will place the responsibility of ensuring that the food given is consumable onto the food rescuers.

Although the regulatory law is still underway and a lot more detail is yet to be discussed, the fact that the conversation has begun outlines the acknowledgement provided by the Government of the prevalence of the issue. With Rizq’s commitment to the cause, legislative action can significantly limit food wastage and starvation.