Every year Rizq has a Summer Internship Program that is supposed to instill within our enthusiastic interns the compassion required to generate support for a people powered movement such as Rizq, along with the required skills for their futures to thrive successfully in competitive industries. So, for the first batch of Cohort I here is all you need to know about it!

The 1st Module of the Rizq Internship Program is a healthy mix of Trainings, Sessions and Activities that revolve around Empathy, Service, Compassionate Ambition and the problem of Hunger that Pakistan faces currently. It is specifically for youngsters who want to spend their summer understanding the social issue of Hunger and Poverty and want to work towards eliminating just that from Pakistan.


Rizq, being a people powered movement believes that the youth is the torchbearer in any social movement or revolution and our Internship Program aims to ignite such a spark in these students to take the initiative and lead from the front, in our war against Hunger. Since, the youth will be leading the change in the coming times, Rizq finds it crucial to inculcate the value of Empathy, Compassion, Service to the Community and Civic Responsibility among them so that they have an understanding of the development issues that we face at hand, and consequently come up with models that can reduce the challenges while maximizing impact.

Rizq also recognizes that students need to be taught tangible professional skills but we, as an organization believe, that they should additionally be equipped with skills which make them more capable of navigating and choosing things that grant them happiness and contentment in the longer run, one that stems from giving back to those less fortunate and exercising selflessness – and if not that, then the least it will do is give them a look inside the lives of those much less privileged than themselves, and ignite a sense of responsibility within them.

The key objectives of exercises that were carried out throughout the Internship included the following:

  1. Develop an understanding of the importance of Civic Engagement

  2. Develop skills to research, plan and execute projects independently

  3. Help create a solution-oriented approach in the students

  4. Enhance the interpersonal skills and abilities to work with teams of diverse individuals

Students should be in touch with their emotions and willingness to achieve something to be able to fully develop as individuals and help make the world a better place for everyone. Which is exactly what we taught them through the numerous exercises we conducted with them in the program.

From one on one interactions with beneficiaries…

To Distributing Rations and Daigs…


To project management…

Team building exercises…

And project implementation

The Rizq Internship Cohort I was a success!

If you or your friends and family want to learn a bit more about this alarming crisis faced by Pakistan, through hands on experience for one month, you can also apply as Cohort I Batch 2 and Cohort II WILL BE HAPPENING! Keep an eye on our Facebook Page to find out when the applications will open!