We celebrate Eid every year, under the ambit of Islam but we have lost the true essence of it. Eid is more a festive than a religious obligation these days. We tend to forget those who need us the most-the underprivileged of our society.

Every year, Pakistan experiences generosity and compassion near and around Eid for the people who need us by the people who can give them. This year, the feeling was elevated when the COVID struck Pakistan badly, leading to unemployment, hunger elation and miserable conditions in and around.

Being a Muslim country, Qurbani is the most important religious obligation. This Eid ul Adha is going to be the most challenging festival for all the Muslims and also for the livestock industry amidst coronavirus.

According to the government sources, this year Bakra Mandis are going to be inaccessible for the mass population due to the potential spread of coronavirus. People are also hesitant to visit Mandis. This is an alarming situation for the livestock sellers and their entire year’s effort is expected to be ruined. People don’t have access to the markets and livestock brokers don’t have access to the consumers hence, we are in the middle of-nowhere actually. This whole situation is going to create an economic setback for the livestock sellers across the country.

Rizq has always been passionate about compassion and distribution and every year on Eid we collect Meat from different avenues and distribute it amongst Rizq Verified families who deserve to celebrate Eid just as the privileged do, and deserve to be equally as important as others are-the other privileged ones.

In the time of this pandemic, Rizq brings you the convenience of Qurbani, now you can stay home and let us take care of your obligation, kyun ke Qurbani tou Kerni ha!!

The following services are being offered by Rizq for Eid ul Adha 2020:

Full Cow/Goat

Rizq will be doing qurbani on your behalf and distributing meat among verified deserving families. You can book your animal via an online portal.


You can also donate an amount for contributing a hissa in the cow. The sacrifice will be conducted on your behalf and distributed among verified food insecure families. Once the sacrifice is done, the donor will be notified via sms. The donor can also avail the opportunity to see their sacrifice, in present.

Drop Off

You can also call us if you have excess meat available that you would like to distribute amongst the needy. We will distribute it to families in need and notify you.

Helping others is always a comfort that cannot be elaborated well. Last year, one of our beneficiaries said,

میں رزق دی مشکور آں کہ انہاں نے ساڈا خیال رکھیا تے سانوں گوشت دتا۔ رزق دا بہت بہت شکریہ

Share your qurbani with Rizq and perform your religious obligations while complying with all the safety measure kyun ke Qurbani tou kerni hai!!!