COVID-19 has caused calamity in 213 countries around the world. With over 6.5 million confirmed cases world-wide, the virus has gained momentum in Pakistan. Vaccines are estimated to take around 1 year to arrive, meaning that the virus is expected to stay for another year, as stated by public health experts.

100,000,000 people in Pakistan were already food insecure and now these people will  further be pushed to the edge. The COVID-19 crisis has caused great havoc in the lives of everyday Pakistanis. Lockdowns have forced business closures. Stockpiling, panic buying and a surge in prices was seen proceeding the lockdown. Hunger has indeed gone to unprecedented levels.

The crisis has seen individuals, philanthropists, NGOs and Government come up to have shown great heart but a lot more needs to be done. We need to #GiveItAll hence, Rizq initiated its EhsaasKaro Campaign, to mitigate the impact of this pandemic on the affected people.

Through our collective efforts, we have managed to find, feed and sustain 15,000 families by ensuring them food provision for two months during the first wave of COVID-19 crisis.

Spanning 23 cities, having engaged more than 50 partners and 3000+ volunteers, Rizq has become the first youth mobilizing movement against hunger.

A very important part is played by our corporate, organizations, institution partners without whom, Rizq cannot undertake the responsibility of providing rations. Our partners  are our avenues to meet the ends. These include but are not limited to, PepsiCo, Unilever, Nestle. Csargil, Kausar Group, Fauji Fresh n Freeze,Cheetay, Bykea, LUMS and other prestigious platforms and organizations.

For our EhsaasKaro movement, Fauji Fresh n Freeze sponsored 18000 kg of vegetables that were kept in the warehouse provided by Kold Karrier. These vegetables were later distributed to various communities of Lahore through different NGOs like Kawish, Allah Wale Trust, Hope Uplift Foundation and Saylani Welfare Trust. Our logistic partner Swvl pledged to help us pick up dry rations and deliver them to the beneficiaries. Door-to door delivery of rations to deserving families was done with the help of our logistic partner; Bykea.

Rizq collaborated with Eat Mubarak, Foodies R Us and Nestle to support the laid off employees of the restaurant industry which was highly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Data from various restaurant owners was collected of the laid off employees, who were registered as beneficiaries and Rizq ration was provided to them. Find My Adventure and LUMS Adventure Society fund raised to establish a guide fund and collaborated with Rizq to distribute 2 Million Rupees among 138 families of tour guides in Northern areas of Pakistan, who lost their jobs amidst COVID-19.

Rizq uses a fair and unbiased way of verification, registration and distribution of Ration. The donor is notified when their donation is done to ensure transparency.