While the coronavirus has been wreaking havoc indiscriminately in all parts of the world, it has had a ten-fold impact in most under developed countries and their large populations, paralysing already tottering health and welfare systems.

In Pakistan, the outbreak is believed to have caused an economic slowdown that amounts to a staggering loss of Rs2.5 trillion, with about three million jobs likely to be lost at the very beginning; worst affected out of the country’s total population are the daily wage earners and those who inhabit the unforgiving urban slums.

For years, Pakistan’s local charities have been playing a key role in stemming the economic burden on the government by providing meals, medical assistance and other key services to low-income groups.

In a bid to help further their cause during these challenging times, PepsiCo, along with the organisation’s philanthropic wing, PepsiCo Foundation, vowed to extend support for these charitable organisations as part of their ‘Million of Meals’ initiative.

The idea was to empower millions of dreams, disrupt millions of stereotypes, travel millions of miles to reach all corners of the country, and line millions of spreads, with a vision of providing immediate emergency disaster relief for the many vulnerable, neglected parts of Pakistan.

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