This Eid-ul-Adha was arduous as it required extra efforts on the part of both citizens and government of Pakistan amidst the havocs of COVID-19. Eid-ul-Adha Brings the sentiments of sacrifice and kindness and more people strive to help the under privileged community. RIZQ has always been following its ideology, “Lack of compassion is true poverty and its abundance is RIZQ” and realizing the struggle of the mass RIZQ stepped ahead and launched Qurbani campaign to aid citizens in their obligations. RIZQ offered variety of services during the campaign. RIZQ offered to do Qurbani on the behalf of donors and the meat was to be distributed among deserving families. An online portal was created to make it easier for people to book animals and we successfully managed 326 donors. On the first and second day of Eid our team was able to slaughter 51 cows and 121 goats with the help of 38 Qasais on day 1 and 48 on Day 2. Total of 5385 kg of cow meat and 1704 kg of goat meat was gathered throughout the vicinities of Lahore and Islamabad.

Preservation of meat was another crucial process. The collected meat was delivered to RIZQ foodbank where extra precautions were taken to ensure the freshness of the meat. Together with Icepack, we ensured that meat remains safe for consumption after hours of slaughtering.

The whole process of Collection and distribution of meat was a daunting task and required utmost efforts. RIZQ wasn’t the sole contributor in this procedure. Several NGO’s including Ghauri foundation, Riyat community and Rehana foundation helped RIZQ in the distribution of collected meat among the beneficiaries. RIZQ drop off service was also a success as we were able to collect 537 kg of meat. Total of 3941 packs were produced from collected meat. NGO’s received 1584 packs containing 3960 kg’s of meat and each pack weighed almost 2.5 kg. With the help of all our worthy contributors and donors RIZQ was able to feed 3700+ families. On the whole RIZQ Qurbani campaign was a huge triumph and proved to be one of the most structured and organized campaign by Rizq. We were not only able to execute the Qurbani on large scale but also comply with all SOP’s to ensure the safety of all our stakeholders.

Qurbani has always been close to Muslim’s hearts and this year, ensuring the safety of people while, Mandis were closed down, qurbani was not only a sacred but a daunting responsibility. The two-day strenuous procedure for Qurbani was a life learning experience for Rizq. When people talk about Eid-ul-Adha, they always been doing their qurbanis at home. But, this year doing their Qurbani away from home but in safe hands with proper procedures and execution was an experience-not to forget, for all our donors and sponsors.

Having a proper setup for Qurbani procurement, slaughter, logistics and distribution, eases up the entire procedure and also creates transparency for the donors. Emailing the donors/customers of their execution of qurbani further elevated the level of trust.

We at Rizq ensure that everyone who trusts us with their obligation are satisfied to their fullest. We closed our Qurbani 2020 with 121 goats and 51 cows and hope to be bigger and better for coming years, with more energy and efficiency.