Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy is the only working body of Pakistan that oversees the registration as well as legalities pertaining to an NPO. The platform recognizes only handful of NPOs. The certification program seeks to bring transparency, accountability and good governance in the nonprofit sector in Pakistan. The first initiative of its kind in South Asia; it involves the evaluation of a nonprofit organization on standardized parameters of internal governance, financial management and program delivery. This voluntary assessment aims to enhance NPOs credibility and its access to funding. PCP communication and outreach brings together important information on how to reach out to pre-determined target audience and some of the best philanthropy, charitable organizations, government and civil society organizations and their communities. They aim to create successful community and not for profit outreach campaigns and reach out to local media to host philanthropy events and develop materials that reflect local philanthropy and inspire people to contribute more.

Rizq is proudly recognized by PCP under the category of food security and catering to SDG goal 2: Zero Hunger. Having the necessary tools and equipment for the past 6 years, Rizq has been giving the traditional act of feeding a new generation twist, Rizq is spearheading product innovation to create systems for food distribution and channelization to feed 100 million food insecure Pakistanis as a matter of urgency.

This recognition will equip us for necessary legal formality provision to excel in the International market and pitch the idea of tech-oriented philanthropy across the borders.

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