Akhuwat undertook the noble cause of bringing the children of the dancing girls / destitutes of Lahore into the mainstream. These children are otherwise condemned to live a normal life due to the evil tag attached to their parents. 

Akhuwat is operating Learning Hubs, providing these social outcasts with educational, health, vocational, recreational and counselling services. Two centers were set up in the inner city, one in Bagh Munshi Ladha and one in Dehli Gate. These centers serve as safe havens for these children and their families. 

Last year, Rizq and Akhuwat joined hands to ensure these families become food secure by enrolling them in the Rizq Ration Program, providing them with monthly rations for a period of 6 months. This Ramadan, Rizq has undertaken the responsibility of enrolling more families and providing them with essential food items along with Covid-19 protection equipment. 

This Ramadan, give your Zakat and Donations and become part of these noble initiatives helping these children feel part of the holy month, enabling them to stay away from social vices and criminal activities and becoming useful citizens of Pakistan.

To donate log on to: https://sharerizq.com/en/donate