Enrolled in a local school run by the Rukh Foundation, Imtiaz never missed school before the pandemic, working day and night for his dreams. When the schools reopened Madam Tahira, the principal of the school, noticed his absence and phoned his father to inquire about what had happened. She got to know that Imtiaz is working as a domestic worker and now is the sole breadwinner for his family.

Akhtar, the father who was employed as a janitor at a local school lost his job due to the pandemic and encouraged imtiaz to work full time so that he can feed himself and his family. Madam Tahira went to their place to meet Akhter, to counsel him to let Imtiaz come to school. She informed him, Imtiaz is one of the most hardworking and brightest boys she has known and only through education can he help his family get out of this vicious cycle of poverty.

Madam Tahira informed him to get enrolled in the Rizq Ration Program. So that they can have the essential food security needed for Imtiaz to continue school. 
Now with your help, Imtiaz has rejoined school working on his dream to become a doctor.

This Ramadan give your Zakat and donations to keep the dreams of our children alive.