We are delighted to announce that Al-Khidmat Foundation and Rizq have joined hands to create a Hunger-Free Pakistan. Al-Khidmat Foundation is a renowned non-profit organization that is working for the benefit of Pakistanis for 30 long years. A nationwide organization, it has stepped up to the occasion whenever needed. Be it earthquakes, floods, lack of access to clean water, illiteracy, poverty, or lonely orphans, Al-Khidmat Foundation has always been on the frontline to provide assistance and aid. A nationally trusted organization, it now looks forward to eradicating hunger from our shores.

For this purpose, Rizq and Al-Khidmat have decided to combine resources and operations to bring about an effective change with a greater impact. In the first phase, Al-Khidmat will be establishing Rizq Food Banks in two of its community schools in Lahore, which will allow us to reach 150 impoverished families through our trademark Rizq Ration Program. These families will be incubated after a thorough verification process, following which they will be sustained by Rizq for periods of 6 months. After every period, the families will be re-evaluated to ensure their eligibility for the next cycle, thereby safeguarding donor interests.

This is just the beginning of our partnership. In the upcoming days, we plan to expand our operations nationwide to establish a national network of Rizq Food Banks, utilizing the extensive networks of Al-Khidmat’s community offices throughout Pakistan. Keep praying for us and helping us reach these historic goals.