This year has been similar to the previous year, nothing short of normal. Although we may be getting used to the terms of lockdown, COVID waves, and school closures, they still signal a long way to a peaceful, normal life. 

As Eid-ul-Adha (Bari Eid) approaches, Muslims, and in particular, Pakistanis from all over the world seek to make preparations for the joyous occasion in a grim atmosphere. Some are still reeling from the death of a loved one, while others have been shaken with economic tremors. From prospective Hajis who have had their dreams of performing Hajj dashed to the people who feel danger in going to Mandis given the doctors’ fears of a fourth COVID wave, everyone has been affected. 

At Rizq, we understand and realize the immense impact this drawn-out war against COVID-19 has had on the well-being of an individual. As such, we endeavor to revive the joys of Eid-ul-Adha in a safe environment that allows us the freedom to celebrate Eid and Qurbani without being endangered.

We present to you the flag bearer of Online Qurbani 2021!

Rizq offers the best Online Qurbani practices every year. From the convenience of choosing a Qurbani Plan from the comfort of your home to the distribution of fresh meat immediately after slaughter, we offer the unparalleled Online Qurbani experience in town. For further details, visit

We call out on all Pakistanis to revive the celebrations of this auspicious occasion of Eid by connecting with the needy members of our Pakistani family. Unity, brotherhood, and the true spirit of sacrifice are the only things that can help heal us from all problems and come together as one nation. From us at Rizq, 

Mubarak Pakistan Eid e Qurban.