At Rizq, we firmly believe in excellence and convenience in the services we provide. With this goal, we realize the predicament of our donors and understand that not everyone will be able to send in his or her payment through a certain method of donation. To ensure ease and access to people from all sorts of backgrounds, we bring to you a striking synergy of FOUR distinct ways!

Option 1- The Online Payment

This payment method is by far the easiest, swiftest, and most popular method available. Online payment refers to payment through our website via a Debit/Credit Card. Once you have placed your order and filled in your personal details, you just have to look under the heading of ‘Payment via Debit/Credit Card’. 

You can see above the available options. Choose whatever suits you and you will be directed to the respective payment portal. Enter your information, click on Pay, and you’re good to go! You’ll soon be notified about your payment on the contact details you had provided earlier.

Option 2- The Bank Transfer

This option is most suitable for donors who are reluctant to provide their personal account information on an unfamiliar website for fear of identity theft. To complete a bank transfer, you must visit your Bank’s App or the physical branch, and transfer the stipulated amount to Rizq Trust. Following are the Account details:

Bank Name: UBL
Account Title: Rizq Trust
Account Number: 0253-265439344
IBAN: PK38UNIL0109000265439344
Swift code: UNILPKKA

Once the transaction is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation message from your bank.    

Option 3- The Home Pickup

Rizq relies heavily on the support of its youthful volunteers to achieve its mission. In fact, even this article is being written by one. So we completely understand that many in the teenage years do not have personal bank accounts and are ineligible for the methods described above. For these passionate young individuals who want to mark a change in society (and others), we bring the facility of Cash On Delivery (COD). Once you have chosen your Qurbani Plan, completed the Personal Info section, and reached the Payment Methods page, chose “Pay at home via Cash collection”.

An additional form will pop up in which you’ll have to write your home address. After successfully finishing this step, give yourself a pat on the back for your remarkable generosity. An email and a text message will soon notify you about the pick-up time of the TCS official who will collect the cash within 24-72 hours from your doorstep. After the collection, sit back and relax, we’ll take care of the rest.

Option 4- The UBL App

Rizq offers an exclusive service for all you UBL customers! Just go to the UBL Digital App and choose Rizq as the recipient of your funds. Put in your donation amount and select Pay.

And You’re Done! 🙂