Rizq and Coca-Cola join forces to fight food insecurity in Pakistan

Lahore, December 29, 2021

Nearly a billion people across the world experience the effects of food insecurity. Pakistan is also one of the worst impacted nations in terms of the massive increase in chronically food insecure population. Rizq, the Coca-Cola company, and the Kausar group have united with a shared objective to reduce hunger across Lahore by setting up a central space; RizqHub. A groundbreaking ceremony was held today for the first-ever RizqHub in Kot Lakpat, Lahore, in the heart of the working community of the city. 

RizqHub will actively function as a central unit that will facilitate all Rizq Programs and respective operational activities: Rizq Bachao, Rizq Khana, Rizq Daig, and Rizq Ration. To prepare fresh-cooked meals for the Daig and Khana program, the RizqHub’s kitchen has the capacity to prepare up to 20k meals every day and to store the excess food, the Hub can store up to 10 tons of food at a time.

GroundBreaking Ceremony Guests

Rizq and Coca-Cola company has partnered up for this initiative. Kausar group has also taken part in this movement to end hunger. Guests included Aunty Rukhsana (Rizq BOT), Musa Aamir (Co-Founder Rizq), Qasim Javaid (Co-Founder Rizq), Huzaifa Ahmed Rizq (Co-Founder Rizq), Mian Farooq (Rizq BOT), Izhar Hashmi (Rizq Advisor), Shoaib Zahid (Kausar Rep), Maeen Zafar (Coca Cola Team), Muhammad Ali Khan (Coca Cola Team), Muhammad Zubair (Rizq BOT), and Asad Anwar (MDS).

RizqHub Services

The RizqHub will offer 5 key services to help eradicate food insecurity and end hunger in slum communities across the city. This includes RizqKhana that offers freshly cooked food at different places for only PKR 30/each meal, RizqDaig that distributes food within the community, RizqRation that identifies and delivers monthly food supplies to food-insecure families, RizqBachao that collects, stores, and distributes excess food to low-income families, and Rizq Youth Program that mobilizes youth from schools and universities to support activities of zero waste and zero hunger.

After the successful establishment of this model, Rizq Hub will be replicated in every city and serve as the central point for all Rizq Food Ecosystems to function and all stakeholders in the food ecosystem to come together and create self-sustaining communities.

The Coca-Cola Company has sponsored the capital required for the whole dynamism of RizqHub. Kausar Group has provided the space for Rizq Hub and will also be endowing the Rizq Khana program. 

“Pakistan is one of the richest breadbaskets in the world, yet she continues to struggle to sustain herself. Such prevalence of hunger, despite the abundance of resources, highlights stark issues in our food system and the reasons due to which such issues come to exist. Any resolve to end hunger not only needs to be systemic but more importantly needs to be based on human values. We are proud that a partner like Cargill has come on board and is helping us in our mission to create a hunger-free Pakistan.”

Qasim Javaid Khan, Co-Founder, and COO, Rizq 

About Rizq

Rizq is a people-powered social exchange to sustain human life to fulfill true potential. It aims to replace the vices within our systems with virtues of Sharing, Favor, and Compassion to create self-sustaining neighborhoods, communities, and life on earth. Housing a network of food banks and on-ground partner nonprofits called the Rizq FoodXChange, we identify food insecure people and provide them with nutritious and stable food supplies. This network is enabled and financed by a National Consortium of Stakeholders and is powered and championed by the youth of Pakistan.

To date, Rizq has been able to distribute more than 10 Million meals, collectively has saved up to more than 1 Million KG’s of excess food which consequently has been distributed amongst the most destitute people, and lastly has provided sustenance to more than 50,000 families through our RizqBanks and partner organizations.